November 27, 2020 07:01.


After much speculation, the world’s largest Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant is confirming the rumours that it will be entering into Rotterdam early 2021. The brand is entering the Randstad after being in the country for almost 4 years. Rotterdam, Taco Bell is coming for you!

While the date and exact location of the restaurant opening remains under wraps (for now), Taco Bell can reveal that it plans to launch the location including delivery.

Further proving to be a brand beyond the typical quick service restaurant, fans can look forward to the upcoming restaurant having open kitchen where they can watch their meals be freshly prepared, customer-curated music playlists so they can listen to their favourite tunes, and free WiFi for all their browsing needs.

The new opening will serve its iconic classics found around the world including the Crunchwrap Supreme®, Cheesy Gordita Crunch®, and of course delicious Crunchy Tacos.

The news is hot off last week’s Amersfoort opening announcement.

Expect to hear more over the coming months, with regular updates posted via Taco Bell Netherlands Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow the journey to Rotterdam @tacobellnl #tacobellNL #tacobellNL

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